How I can connect To ServiceNow ODBC Driver from Dundas BI


I tried to connect to ServiceNow by the ODBC driver by I always receive this error.

ERROR [28000] [SN][ODBC ServiceNow driver][ServiceNow Service]Required user name is missing. ERROR [28000] [SN][ODBC ServiceNow driver][ServiceNow Service]Required user name is missing.

I configured the driver and I was able to connect and get data from the driver itself by from Dundas I’m not able.

Any help, please.


See the Authentication drop down, you have it set to Server Windows Credentials (this is what Dundas is running as on the server).
Is that user authorized to access your ODBC Data?
There is another option in that drop down to provide a specific user and password, try that.

Thanks for your answer, but the driver on the server asks for username and password when I try to connect, while Dundas asks only for a password then I have an error telling me that the username is missing and there’s no username field option in Dundas connector view??.

the other option open three fields Domain username and password.
Do you have any suggestions for the domain because I tried many values but no hope?

Hi @ahmed.kamel,

I’m personally not an expert in this area but i spoke to our data team for you to get some advice.

They recommend that you can have the name picked up from the System DSN. It’s also possible for you to use a connection string but if you do this, the DSN will not be used.

If you continue to have trouble, it might be worth opening a support ticket for our team to help further.