How Family HealthCare Network Improved Data Accessibility & Enhanced Operational Performance

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This week, we have ANOTHER exciting new case study that we are thrilled to share with you! This case study features Tom LeBlanc of Family HealthCare Network!

In this case study, we explored how Family HealthCare Network used Dundas BI to create a highly accessible and transparent BI application, with a high, internal adoption rate. With Dundas BI, Family HealthCare Network allowed all users to consume data more effectively and conveniently, and ultimately improved operational performance.

Tom LeBlanc is the Senior Programmer Analyst at Family HealthCare Network in California, and has been a long time Dundas supporter, having transitioned a year ago from Dundas Dashboard, to Dundas BI.


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What challenges did you face in terms of SharePoint Integration and how did you handle security - at the Sharepoint level, the Dundas level or both?

Hi Richard,

With regard to BI I'm using a single BI user that is the login the Web Part uses. Since the drive is to be transparent this works out fine. In the rare cases where a department might not want a board visible I will limit the visibility of the page in SharePoint itself to the target audience. Otherwise, everyone in our network can view most all of the dashboards. I do have some AD accounts set to access DBI directly so people can view my prototypes.

There weren't many challenges, other than we had to upgrade from IE 9 (no real problem but timing) and the one thing I have told Dundas about which is not being able to scroll or make the board picker larger when selecting an item to be displayed by the WebPart. My work around is to have a staging folder where I place the dashboards for inclusion and then I move them into the folder structure.


I see that users are dragging and dropping Excel files to use in the system are you also linking to Excel files stored on SharePoint for any of your data?

We haven't tried that yet.

I totally agree with you Tom! Dundas BI is very intuictive and creating a fully and nice Dashboard or Report is simple and rapid! This appoach reduces significantly the developing time.

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Very interesting...

Based on FHCN being a primary care organization I'm curious to what kind of reporting was done. Was is it financial reporting or was it patient level reporting using claims data. We have done a lot around patient level reporting and found BI is really versatile. Were able to look at how we treat patients through continuum of care using BI. Really cool stuff.

Most of our dashboards are looking at clinical data and housekeeping efforts around patient care. As the case study mentions keeping tabs on the referrals process. We (attempt to) provide full-service referrals for our patients and our EHR is very weak at supporting that--it is very easy to order the referral and then let it disappear under the rug. Our referrals dashboard helps keep our referrals staff on their toes. I'm currently working on a BI dashboard to display how we are doing on lab orders (that they get resulted and reviewed by providers--it is currently a mess). Another thing mentioned in the case study is UDS and for those unfamiliar with it (everyone ;-) it tracks health outcomes like controlling blood pressure in people with hypertension; HbA1c levels in people with diabetes; how successful are we at getting toddlers immunized; screening for cervical and colorectal cancers; and a number of other measures. I just finished moving our UDS dashboard to BI (from Dashboard) otherwise that would have been the focus of the case study. We have steadily improved our number for UDS since the data has been visible on the dashboard and I heard mention last week that one of our providers was quite adamant that we would never get to our goals for blood pressure control but we have! That is down to our use of Dundas products to display not only that data, but to break it down to the provider level so that they can compete with one another as well as having these measures be a part of a company wide incentive program to meet goals which are tracked and displayed on--you guessed it--the dashboard!

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Thats really interesting case and a great example.

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Tom, What kind of end-user training did you provide for the people using drag and drop visual data discovery? I'm interested in doing something similar here.

That was really just me giving a shoutout to the developers as a reason to love it. While I hope to get our QI department to start doing some of that, most of the data sourcing is still done by me. However, I have a SharePoint blog dedicated to our Dashboard and reporting and I would undoubtedly put that tidbit in there.

Great case study.