How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

Christmas holidays are around the corner - a time when the white winter turns into a magical wonderland with lights and decoration everywhere! And since the Christmas tree is the main focus of decorations, we put up our best show to make a statement, don’t we?

This year however, I am going to be settling for a miniature since my tiny little Toronto condo doesn’t allow me the space for a tree as big as my enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I do plan to ball out on the ornaments to decorate it.

Did you decorate your tree last year? How are you planning to deck-up your Christmas tree this year? Post a picture if you can!

I have cats, the answer is to not put one up!

That tree outside will have to do.


This is our tree this year:


Looks like that cat has a spy telescope!


She takes bird watching very seriously.

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I spy a big book of cocktails!


ya. Bad picture - I have updated it for you.

I shouldn’t have ignored the complete collection of both cats and cocktail books.

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They just keep multiplying!

Just FYI, Jeff’s cocktails are #OffTheCharts too!