How Devon Partnership NHS Trust Streamlined Reporting Processes to Maximize Top-Down Performance

Hi VIPs,

It is with great excitment that I announce to you all, that after working very closely with Cube VIP Richard Eales of Devon Partnership NHS Trust, we’re bringing you another exciting and inspirational case study!

Within this case study, we explored how Devon Partnership NHS Trust streamlined reporting processes to maximize top-down performance. When all was said and done, the Trust acquired a BI solution that enabled them to transition from older, outdated paginated styles of reporting services towards more modern and personalized interfaces, thereby resulting in greater adoption rates organization-wide.

Richard Eales is a Business Intelligence Developer at Devon Partnership NHS Trust in South West England.

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Plus, here are some great dashboard images of the solution that Richard has shared with us:

After checking out the case study, feel free to leave any questions or comments for Richard!

These look really great!

I can easliy understand what is going on even though I am not familure with what it is reporting on. Good Job.

I like it. How it the data being input? Via Dundas inputs or is it integration with existing SP forms? Good Work!

Can you share stats on how much this increased usage?

Good Job

Nice Dashboards and great case study

We need to utilize KPI's better in our visualizations. Well done.

Great work done. How do you handle data input?

Thats great!

Yeah, That will be interesting to know, If they will share that would be great.

Neat and clean dashboard!

The data is being pulled from our clinical recording system, which feeds into our data warehouse. The dashboards are used to present this, so our staff can more easily see anything that’s been missed.

Mostly through our clinical recording system, into our data warehouse. However, we are starting to use some data collection through Dundas BI.

We don’t collect any specific stats on usage, but have received a lot of positive feedback since using the dashboards. The percentage completion of the required checks has certainly improved with the cleaner presentation as well.

Thank you very much, Richard. I guess you're using writeback for this...we're making very good experience with this approach, too.

The dashborad images are not displayed. can somebody fix them

Hey Mark,

They should be appearing now - let me know if you're having difficulty seeing them

Well done. Great visuals. thanks for sharing!

Great Work, I liked trend Analysis chart.