How Center6 Empowers their Customers with White Labeled Dundas BI Analytics

Hi VIPs,

I’m very excited to announce that after months of working closely with fellow VIPs Kris Brady and Blayne Parrish of Center6, we’re bringing you another exciting case study! This case study builds upon the webinar that Center6 co-hosted with us a few months ago.

In this case study, we explored how Center6 partnered with Dundas to deliver smart data analysis technology to home-builders across North America with Dundas BI.

Kris Brady is the program manager at Center6 in Colorado, and Blayne Parrish is the founder. They've been partners of Dundas since early 2015.

Center6 Case Study.pdf

After checking out the case study, feel free to leave any questions or comments for Kris and Blayne below!

Your webinar was great. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Thanks for sharing. Hopefully you can feedback to Dundas to further improve the BI product.

Great story

Very cool. I always like to see how others are using Dundas.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Thnx for sharing the story.

Great story of how Dundas BI was integrated with Center6 exisiting technology - to further enhance their customer experience. The same idea we are using Dundas for.

Thanks for sharing - really an exciting example of using Dundas BI.

DBI rocks.

Great case study Kris and Blayne!

Great to have you as a partner!

Thanks for sharing a great story.

Excellent case study and great to have you part of the Dundas family!


Great story and it's nice to see someone helping the building trade across North America.

Well done.

Very impressive, both in terms of the business description and the use of the product!

Thank you for sharing your story

Great story!