Histogram with Box and Whisker

Hi All,

I have a histogram that I have created and I would like to get the percentiles on the chart as well. It would be similar to if I had this box and whisker plot mixed with my histogram as my image shows. Is this something I could do easily?

Just to make sure I’m understanding this correctly - you’re asking if you could essentially have that box and whisker plot as well as the histogram on the same visualization using the same scale/axes?

Correct Christian, I am just trying to show the quartiles on my histogram. This is the approach I thought I would take if that makes sense.

I see. Unfortunately, I’ve tried with my own setup and don’t see this specific case being very feasible. What makes this use case hard to pull off is that a histogram’s bottom axis (in your case, the percentiles) will be a distribution bin hierarchy which is calculated when the histogram is created, while the box plot will have a numeric axis as it represents the percentiles as measures. You wouldn’t really be able to combine a numeric scale (box plot) with a categorical scale (histogram).

In theory, it is possible to do similar use cases with multiple metric sets on a single chart with multiple metric sets - a histogram does allow you to have multiple metric sets on it since it’s technically just a bar chart powered by a formula metric set. But the contents of the histogram would be the roadblock here.

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