Hierarchy level filter for date

I need to set up a simple level filter with Year, Quarter, Month, Week and Day option to choose from. I have this date column in my datacube but I am not using it in the chart visualization. I need to use this date column as a filter and display changes in the chart. How do I do that? I copy pasted the script coding for the level filter on click event. I am not sure how to link my level filter with the date column.

You can pull over the date column you want for this filter on to the data analysis panel, and then make it hidden. It won’t show up on the visualization, but you should then be able to link it (I believe…I’m new though, so someone might have a better answer :slight_smile: )

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Hi Vinodhini,

For using a date as filter without showing it in a graph or table view in the Dashboard, assign to your Date field a Time Dimension in the Datacube, then set this field as Slicer in the corresponding Metric Set, and, in the Dashboard link a Calendar Range filter to your Date field. There are predefined Time Dimensions, but you can build your own one in order to deal with the time laps you want to use (quarters for example), for creating a custom Time Dimension please check this page:

I hope this helps

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Hi Vinodhini,

A good way to achieve what you are trying to is following the steps that @romero.olivier has mentioned in his response.
Just a little clarification here, you link the Calendar range filter to your date field by clicking on view parameters and you can select your calendar filter>edit and then under the drop down select the checkbox next to your date column.

image image

Hope that answers your question.

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