Hierarchy Attributes, Data Cubes

Hi All,
I have a Metric Set that’s based on a Data Cube. The Metric Set has a hierarchy with a couple attributes. How do I take advantage of the attributes? I want to be able to filter the data based on the attributes. Whenever I try to add an attribute to my Metric Set, I’m told this metric set is based on a Data Cube, and the hierarchy must be added there. However, the hierarchy is already in the Data Cube. I don’t seem to be able to use the attributes in any way.

Please advise,


You’re probably trying to drag in the attribute from the hierarchy itself, like from here:


this won’t work with metric sets based off a standard data cube - this only works with auto-generated data cubes (when you drag data in directly from the data connector). Instead, you should be dragging the attribute in by expanding the dimension on the cube the hierarchy is applied on, like from here:

Dragging that attribute onto your metric set should work fine.