Hiding Levels

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Is there a way to hide LEVELS in a parameter/filter dropdown? These are coming automatically from our data source for the dashboard which is OLAP cube (iow, as soon as you drop Filter that is Level type, it reads all of these levels from our OLAP cube and I’d like to hide some of these IF possible). Thought it may be possible via scripting and was wondering if any one has come across this.

Thank you.

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I had this same question, I think - I assume you don’t want to remove those results from the metric set and dash, you just don’t want them selectable in this filter?

Yes, that is correct. Most of our business users do not know what each level of our ORG hierarchy means so just want to HIDE half of them. Hiding levels seems possible with VALUE type filter (under Properties) but not possible with LEVEL type filter unless I am thinking we implement some kind of script do the ‘hiding’ of levels.

At the moment the level picker does not support customizing levels beyond what the hierarchy itself has, so the only way would be to physically remove levels from the hierarchy being used to power that control.
However, a Feature Request can be taken if you are interested in this functionality.