Hiding left-nav and menu items in dundas

Hi, we're new here on the Forum so certainly advise if this question should be elsewhere. I'm starting with a simple one as we integrate some Dundas reports to be rendered within our web portal. How do we prevent people from hitting the <esc> button to expose the Dundas left nav and the top icon menus like 'Edit' and 'Edit copy for analysis', etc.

We're also want to hide the other Dundas right-click menus within the application whether done when focus is on a chart or grey area of the report.

Currently we are rendering via an iFrame.

Welcome to the forum, Mike, it’s great to have you here!

Disabling the <esc> key in the keyboard or the right-click context menu can be done by configuring the application privileges for an individual user or a group user account. Note that administrators have all privileges and cannot be denied any specific privilege. Application privileges for other individual user accounts and group user accounts can be configured according to your business requirements.

You can disable the <esc> key by denying the Full Screen privilege, which controls the ability to switch to and from full screen view.

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For the context menu, you can deny the specific privilege Context Menu.

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Bingo, that worked. Thank you! I promise my future questions will present more of a challenge for you (I hope). :)

I am glad that it worked for you and also look forward to hearing from you again :-)