Hide/Show Multiple Series on a Trend

Hello, I'm visualizing two separate series on a trend chart, and would like the option to hide/show only one of these series. The trend charts are in a scorecard that is then placed into a dashboard with all of the control features (filters, changing axes labels). Is this already a feature or is there code that we can use for this?

This is already a built-in feature assuming your two separate series are generated using 2 separate measures (rather than having one measure and one dimension on the columns (series) section of the data analysis panel). In the case of 2 measures, you will see a "Show Series..." option under the context menu (right click menu) so you can easily show/hide the series you want. Note that since this is a scorecard, by default the line charts left axis will share its scale with the other copies. Since hiding one of the series may affect the scale dramatically, you may want to uncheck the property under the left axis to ""Share Scale With Copies" so the change is noticeable.

In the case where your series are generated by a dimension on the columns (series) section of the data analysis panel and only one measure, you can use a filter to show and hide the series. The filter can be added to the scorecard and then on the dashboard you can simply add a member filter that is connected to the filter on the scorecard or simply by right clicking the chart and choosing the filter option. Alternatively, if you like the built-in “Show Series…” command and want to use that, you can use the pivot transform in the data cube to create 2 separate measures for your dataset and then have 2 measures rather than a dimension on the columns (series) section of the data analysis panel.