Hi, I'm watching the Dundas BI videos and ...

where can I download the file “Sales By Terrotory and time. xlsx” please!!

Hi Carlos,

This video was made long time ago and it’s hard to locate the exact spreadsheet. From the video, you can tell that this is a spreadsheet named “Sales By Territory and Time” with one sheet tab with default name “Sheet1$”. There are 4 columns in the sheet, Name (with all different country names), TotalDue (due amount in $M), OrderDate, and Group (not relevant here ).
If you want to try what’s demonstrated in the video, you can quickly create such a spreadsheet and drag and drop in the Dashboard designer, it’ll appear under Data Connectors automatically. Here is a support article about using an Excel spreadsheet as a data source.

Feel free to contact Dundas if you need more help.