Health Check - Unused Warehouse Tables


I’m hoping someone could help me understand a little more about the unused warehouse tables in the health check. I see in documentation that this ‘Finds warehouse tables that are not in use.’

  • Are these older versions of warehoused data or what is the definition of a warehouse table not in use?

  • Does this have any performance implications or any other issues we should be aware of if you have a bunch of unused warehouse?

  • I always apply the fix is there any way to automate running and applying the fix?

Thank you!

Hey Derek -
I see the Health Check stumble on my unused warehouse tables fairly frequently. In my experience, I’ve run the health check too near the time with the warehouse is scheduled to be rebuilt. You might watch that time of day yourself. No, I don’t have a solution to automatically run the fix. I find the list of Data Cubes and their schedules under ‘Project / File System’ fairly handy when reviewing the schedules and last run. I just learned to not run the health check on the even hour or half hour since that’s what I normally schedule to. I’ve never had an issue deeper than my launch time stamp for the health check.

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  • Unused warehoused tables are mostly older versions that weren’t deleted when they were supposed to be, due to unknown reason let’s say a network glitch that made the query impossible to run, which is why that health check is there

  • If these unused and unrequired tables of considerable sizes pile up, they can occupy storage unnecessarily. So it is better to clean them up regularly and it is completely safe to do so

  • Yes, you can always write a script (may be in powershell) and use REST APIs to invoke this specific health check and fix error if any. The script can be scheduled to run in the application server as required.

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Thank you both for the detailed responses!