Have you guys been able to Dockerize Dundas BI?

We’ve been looking into transitioning applications into dockers and I was wondering if anyone either official or unofficial has successfully published Dundas BI as a docker image.


I know of a few customers looking into doing so (unofficially). The route usually involves the ability to silently install Dundas BI as detailed here.

We are investigating the option to do provide an official setup for this and are currently gathering use cases and requirements for this. Can you please specify what would be that use case for your deployment?

We’re looking at shifting more of our application to a hyperconverged infrastructure and so part of that is seeing how modular we can make our on-site application instances. There are other ways to do this but we were looking at using Dockers in vm as one option.

Just a quick update - we have created a feature request in our system for Docker support which is #77530. You can check the status with our support team at any time. From our initial investigation it seems that there are some compatibility hurdles we need to overcome before we can release official support for Docker.

Been a while since I commented on this thread! Dundas BI version 8 has added support for Docker as well as automated deployment and scaling through Kubernetes.


If you’re not familiar with Kubernetes, it is an open-source container orchestration system for automating web-based application deployments. It will support easy single-click scaling and management of your Dundas BI platform - if you’re using it.