Handle Unknown Values on Charts

Hi All

Some times when i visulaize data i have “Unknown Values”, I can handle the name for it …
But i need to disable the action from it like popup or other actions

I have sample for this case

When you click on “unknown”

Thank you …

Hi Ahmad,

For filtering out the “Unknown” values, you can do it from the Metric Set directly:

You just need to uncheck “Retrieve Unknown Members” on the corresponding field.

I hope this helps.

Hi Olivier,
Thank you for this idea

But I need to show it to the client to make it clear to him that there is a problem with the entries process and he has to work on this; Because the customer is interested on it from all sections

If there any way or query to disable the click actions if that’s “Unknown” ?

Hi Ahmad,

You can do it by setting a script on the Click action, like
//get the value and then
If (MyValue != null)
//open the pop-up by script instead of opening it automatically on a click

Or assign a default value, that will show the corresponding data, in your query.
For example if it’s an MS SQL DB : IIF(ISNULL(City, MyDefaultValueForNull)) AS MyCity
On both the one you’re using for building the cities’ Hierarchy and the one for retrieving the data.
Like this you won’t pass a null value and you’ll be able to show the data corresponding to the records that haven’t got a city defined in the database, with the label “Unknown”. It’s just an idea.

I hope this helps.

And if you’re importing the table directly from the DB without any query, you can still define a calculated field checking the value that will set this default value in case of null on both Data Cubes (the one for building the cities Hierarchy and the one for retrieving the data for the graph).
Something like:
TheValueType MyDefaultValueVariable = MyDefaultValue;
if(MyValueField == null)
return MyDefaultValueVariable;
return MyValueField;
Call it MyCalculatedCity, for example, and use it for both.
That’s another option.

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