Grouping Dimension Members on the Fly (Video Tip)

You can dynamically group the different categories you see on your visualizations when viewing a dashboard. This self-service feature can be beneficial for custom analysis as an individual viewing a dashboard might not have access to edit mode to make such changes. Check it out.

If you’d like to learn more, I’d recommend you go to my learning channel - Off the Charts (with Jeff).


Thanks, Jeff!

If I want to use that grouping to define a state or for color rules, is that possible? Example, if you wanted “My Subordinates” in your video tip to always show as red instead of the default blue…is that possible?

Hi @RachelTobin,

Exciting idea. This specific functionality is more of a ‘view time’ thing so that you can dynamically play with the grouping as you look at the dashboard. The states engine works directly on the source data, so even if you’ve defined a group, it wouldn’t appear as an option to choose.

See how it’s missing from this list?

It is possible to use states to define number thresholds and still use grouping. As an example from my data, your team might have a goal. I defined a state so that if any series is above 400,000, then it will turn green.

In short:
States on Dimension Groups - NO
States on Numbers - YES

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