Grouped Data and Sums


I am sure there is any easy way around this but I am struggling at putting together some budget reports. The issue I am running into is copying formatting. Currently we have groups that roll out. What I am trying to do is get the top most group to show up as a group only without any sums (See example below). Inside the group would be the members with their amounts, then a grand total at the bottom.


I haven’t tried this specifically, but in other programs when I’ve had this issue I’ve made the top number a string instead, and used it as a dimension at the top of the chart. Would that work for what you need?

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I feel like this is an overly-simplistic answer, but I have to mention it since I don’t see discussion of it yet: what about the totals configuration in the data analysis panel? I just clicked on one of my row measures and got this:


Hi Patrick,

The best approach based off the sample data structure as shown in the picture would be to create a hierarchy for your first column field (which here is operational revenue and sub element sales).
Assign the level of parameter to that column as the sub element name. In the below picture I have a hierarchy region which drills down to resort, so my level is set as shown below. And then you could add that metric set to the table visual and it will appear as shown in the picture 2 below and then just move the totals to the bottom under properties. This would be the closest we could get to achieve what you were trying to.

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Hi Thanks all for the feedback. In order to get the data to look the way I wanted I had to go back and rebuild the views I was hitting in SQL. After that I worked on some Ragged Hierarchies. This seems to get the issue straightened out.

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