"Freeze" the top grid of a dashboard

If I have a dashboard which is scrollable, or gets scrollable in responsive mode, it could be nice that the top or top 2 grids of dashboard could be frozen. So that when the user scroll down in the dashboard stuff like the dashboard header/logo/buttons that we place on the top of the dashboard would remain visible.

Iā€™m curious if anyone has implemented this or if anyone from Dundas has any tips on how this could be implemented :slight_smile:


Yes Dundas BI has this exact functionality of freezing the header in responsive mode. You just have to select a grid, toggle it as your header row and check it as sticky header. For step-by-step direction, check this link out: https://www.dundas.com/support/learning/documentation/design-view/responsive-layout-dashboard-mode#h3-3-sticky-headers
Hope this helps!


Thanks @upasana :slight_smile:

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