Framework.Scheduler Error

We are getting the following error:

The Scheduler service encountered an error connecting to the Dundas BI server at The remote name could not be resolved: '’ Ensure the value for the ‘Internal Application URL’ configuration setting is correct.

I don’t know if this impact the process, but we are using Federated Authentication, so in order to login without using the hand check process we use “/LogOn?doNotForward=true”, I try using the flag but it keep showing the error. The “Internal Application URL” is configured with the “” URL

I confirmed the “Dundas BI Scheduler” service for the instance is up and running.

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Hello @reynaldo.nunez,

I had this error in the past and I had to reconfigure the internal link in config panel.
In my case, the port was missing from the link.

I hope this will help!

I configured the Internal Application URL with http://localhost:80/ and that seems to fix the problem.