Forum Appropriate Usage Guidelines

To ensure you have the best possible experience in Dundas' User Forums, here's what you need to know about what should and shouldn't be posted:

Better Suited for the Forums:

  1. How-to Questions – i.e. “How do I go about coloring data points based on a certain condition?”
  2. Feedback Questions – i.e. “I created this chart – do you have other ideas on how to better visualize this data?”
  3. Sharing Findings with the Community – i.e. “I found this cool functionality very useful to analyze correlations”

Better Suited for Support:

  1. Unexpected Behavior – i.e. “I’ve followed the steps in a certain support article and am experiencing unexpected behavior”
  2. Immediate Assistance – Calling (NA: 1.800.463.1492, Int: 1.416.467.5100) or emailing Support ( will typically be addressed faster than questions on the forum
  3. Need for Privacy – Contact Support if you have data privacy or solution privacy needs that requires dealing directly with our support vs. the community

Community Etiquette

Dundas' community consists of people from all walks of life, cultures, and beliefs, with varying levels of expertise. Because of this, our community is a vibrant and collaborative place, where everyone is welcome. It is also because of this that we must all work together to ensure we are supportive and encouraging of one another.

Since these forum discussions are not happening face-to-face, we must assume the best of intentions, despite the likelihood of differing opinions. Part of what makes this community special, is that we all have unique perspectives that will help drive meaningful conversation. Keep in mind that each users stance on a topic deserves the same level of respect and courtesy of another's, and even the most well-intentioned can make mistakes.

**Personal insults, verbal attacks, and generally disrespectful, offensive, or abusive messages will be edited or deleted by forum moderators. Repeated violations will result in temporary suspension of forum access, eventually leading to being banned from forums. Spam messages will be deleted immediately, and the user account will be disabled in the forums.