Formula Visualization not showing some data

Hello. I’m trying to do a simple visualization showing how many inspections have been done in a place and how many are pending. The source comes from two different tables, one that shows the total amount of zones to be inspected, and another table that only show inspections that have been done.

The thing is, we have 5 regions where inspections occur, but so far inspections have occurred in 4 of the regions so the one missing is not showing up in the other table.

I’m trying to subtract the total minus inspections to get the pending amount, but the formula doesn’t work in the region that doesn’t show up in one of the tables. I made sure to make it so the data shows nulls as zero, but it didn’t do anything.


How can I make sure that Region 5 - West shows that 0 have been inspected and 4 are remaining?

You need to make sure the Zone hierarchies are identical. That means they have the same unique name and ideally hosted by the same data cube.

Hmm, but I need the missing region to still appear with 4 pending inspections. How can I make sure these are included?

Normally it should appear. You should contact support and ask them to duplicate the issue using some Excel sample data.