Formula Visualization Error

Hello. I am getting an error I never had before.

I’m using formula visualization to add totals from two different tables. That is working out fine. But in the data panel I am trying to add a new constant to function as a goal measurement. As soon as I add it, the visualization just shows “No Data Was Returned”. I have done this for years and it is the first time this is happening to me. Does anyone know why that is happening and how can I fix it? I need to add this goal to complete the visualization.

Hi Gerardo,

To troubleshoot this issue could you please provide the screenshot of your data analysis panel and the formula panel. In the question you mentioned that you are trying to add a constant to function as a goal measurement. Could you please explain more about this ?

Hello Denil. Attached you can see screenshots. In the first one you can see the Metric set where I added the 807 and 272 from the two different tables, and it’s fine there. In the second screenshot, you can see how it suddenly changed to “no data was returned” after I simply added the constant of 5557 (click to add -> Formula -> 5557 -> Apply). That constant is supposed to be a goal, and the next step should have been to compare the addition to that goal. I have done this for years, so I have no idea why this is happening. It is a first to me, and I really need to have that in the dashboard I’m building.

Hi Gerardo,

Just want to confirm whether the original tables or formula measure is being filtered in any way. If not and the problem still persists, can you please email .We might need to dig deeper.

Hello. Both of the original tables have a year to date filter, plus one of them has a filter for the “Event Type” field so it only shows totals related to Volunteerism (the second table is exclusively about volunteers so it doesn’t need that filter).

Hi Gerardo,

Most probably, data being filtered by “Event type filter” and not returning anything to the dashboard.
For troubleshooting purpose, can you remove the filter and let me know the findings

Hello Denil. I tried without filtering data by Event Type and it again suddenly changes to No Data Was Returned as soon as I add a goal. Just in case, there IS data when it’s filtered by Event Type. This is the first time ever I am getting this error and I don’t understand why. It exclusively happens as soon as I add a goal through the formula function.

Hi Gerardo,

can you please email .I think I need to look into this issue more specifically may be we need to do some troubleshooting steps via screens share. Meanwhile can you check is there any hidden scripts is written somewhere in the dashboard ready or load event .