formatting report data with "snap to grid" type of alignment?

My users are asking for these elements to be lined up more precisely. How do I ensure they are all lined up? I checked the sizes of each box and they are all the same height (20) but apparently my eyeballing of trying to line them up is not good enough. Is there a way I can grab all of the elements in that row and have them “snap to grid” or something like that?

Hi Joyce,

You can select all the fields that you want to align and click the “Arrange” option in the menu bar. You will get multiple options to distribute the cells and align the content in each cell in a symmetrical manner.

Note that when you use the arrange option you may have some data labels that have different heights and so the text may still show unaligned. To avoid that you can select multiple labels at once and set their height property to match. Then using the arrange option will do the trick.
Aside from the arrange option, you also have an option on the report and scorecard designer to double click the resize handle of the label (or any control) to snap it to the nearest cell boundary.

Those and other design tips for reports are listed here: