Focus Up: Visualize Without Distraction

@mark.barciak, our expert Dundas Trainer has a quick product tip for you!

Focus Up

Have you ever worked on a visualization within a large/complex dashboard and wondered if there was an easier way to work on this visualization without the distractions and clutter? Well, wonder no more! With the “Edit Full Screen” option in the Data Analysis Panel, you’ll be able to work on a single visualization in a full-screen environment without distraction!

When clicked, you’ll be taken to a full-screen view (which looks exactly like the Metric Set screen … weird) where you’ll be able to make any changes you see fit. Once done, simply click on “Back to Dashboard” from the toolbar to be brought back to the view you were working on.

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Nice tip!

And worthwhile noting that when editing in full screen, any dashboard level filters will not apply to the visualisation. A good way to check what’s happening when your data doesn’t look right.


Nice tip!
Thanks for sharing!

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Great find and thanks for Sharing!

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Nice tip! Thank you.

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very cool tip. Thanks for doing these!

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Nice tip! Thank you for this :slight_smile:

Full screen edit is really a useful feature!

Nice, very helpful. Thanks for the Tip.

Are the changes made to the Metric Set while on the Dashboard, saved with just this Dashboard or to the Metric Set as a whole. So if Metric Set used on another Dashboard the changes will be seen on that Dashboard too?

Morning Melissa,

The changes will be made to the Metric Set.

If the change is a visual change - different chart type, new style, etc. - those changes will only effect the Data Visualization on that Dashboard. Other Dashboards - even the same Dashboard with that Metric Set applied twice - won’t get the update.

This image is the same Metric Set shown twice, with the Table being the visual change made in ‘Edit Full Screen’. Once I check the Dashboard & Metric Set in (since Edit Full Screen requires you to check it out), those visual changes will become the default and when we apply that Metric Set on our Dashboard, it’ll have the new look.

If it is a change applied in the Data Analysis Panel - measure formatting, new measures/rows/slicers/columns, removing measures/rows/slicers/columns, etc. - other Dashboards using the Metric Set will see the changes.



Wow that was super cool Bro!!!