Filtering hierarchy on full nulls?


I’m working on this line chart where I want to show a 0 for any nulls. I need to use full nulls because source nulls doesn’t give a 0 when there’s on data to begin with. The issue is with full nulls is as follows, if I have a chart with the following data:
a. 30
b. 45
d. 10
e. 20

Now the full nulls ensure that c show a 0 rather than nothing which is what I want. The problem occurs when I have a filter that says, for example) only a to c. What will happen is this:
a. 30
b. 45
c. 0
d. 0
e. 0

It will show 0s for d and e which I want filtered out. Is there a way to keep that 0 on c but for it to recognise that d and e are supposed to be filtered, therefore showing nothing on d and e?

Good question :grinning: I’d be interested in what the official response is.

First thing that comes to mind is parameter placeholders in a formula. See placeholders on
So the formula would say, (in pseudo code) if($rowValue$ is in the filter then give me the values, otherwise don’t. However I don’t think that would work for multiple values.

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The placeholder idea is certainly interesting, but as you said - kinda falls flat when going beyond single values - these are the only ones supported for placeholders:


@liam.skop Are you using a user hierarchy by chance? That would really be the one reason for using full nulls. I only ask just because I find it a bit odd that we’re seeing d and e in this scenario when you have it filtered down to a, b, an c - d and e shouldn’t even be in the picture. This assuming that you’re referring to a standard value filter setup, of course.

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Hey Christian,

Yes I am using a hierarchy the a b c d e are actually dates in string format and I use the hierarchy to define the sorting of those dates. And yes, it’s a standard value filter setup. If it’s an irregularity on my end then maybe I need to look into it more but for some reason the filtering doesn’t affect d and e when I’m using full nulls with Zero as missing data input rule.