Fill cell in a table based on other cell value

Hi everyone,
From my data cube,

I get the following information

I would need to fill in the cell between like this

This could be done in the cube or in the metric set

How to do that?
When displaying per month, it should also be filled in.

I was thinkink at a formula, calculating the difference between current column date and “end date” value that I have in my data cube. But I do not knwo how to retrieve the date of the current column

Thanks for your help

Maybe you can use the ‘missing data rules’ function?

In the data analysis panel of the metric set, click on the pencil of the measure (green thing) that provides the ‘1’. You can then specify that it shows the average of the numbers around the gap, or select ‘Empty’ and you can specify specific text to show.


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Thanks for your idea @david.glickman
If I apply this solution, the whole table is filled in. Only the cells between the start and end date must be filled in, in fact (as displayed in the table per month)