External python script to refresh data cube

I have a bunch of data cubes that are scheduled to run hourly throughout the day. But that isn’t always necessary - sometimes the data doesn’t need to be refreshed, and I’d rather not interrupt my users if so.

I have an external (in AWS) python script that runs to process the data, and I’d like to add some code that tells the data cube to refresh, when needed.

Would I use the REST API? If so, does anyone have some simple code an example of calling the API from outside of Dundas?


Hi Ken,

Here is an old video that shows how to do this using PowerShell - you couldn’t probably take this concept and apply it via Python.
**** The code in the video was corrected as it changed a bit over time. Please use the code in the link.


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Awesome, thanks @jeff! I used that and an old thread here in the forums about the API Account to get it set up. Also leveraging the pydundas library for Python. Tests working, moving to deployment now.

Edit: this was the conversation on the API Account that was helpful.

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Fantastic Ken. Can you link the other thread you used for anyone else who might want to follow along with this in the future?


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@jeff - it’s in the post there, in my edit. I may have edited it after you posted :slight_smile:

i see it!! you’re the best ken,

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