Export underlying data?

Hi everyone,

So I have a scenario where I have a number of KPI tables that summarise in numbers the volume of jobs we have completed, or are currently outstanding etc.

Very nice and simple, and the output for each table are 5 rows. Great :slight_smile:

Each of these are created in separate metric sets, and then placed on a dashboard for a user to review.

However an end user has now requested if they can see/extract the underlying data that creates the metric, with a lot more detail than just a count of jobs, i.e. they are concerned about the number of jobs that are outstanding, and want a simple list of details about those jobs so that he can get in touch with the operatives ASAP.
I understand that I will need to add these additional elements into the metric set for them to be extracted - but naturally I can’t throw them into the rows or columns as they will then ruin the desired metric image that was created.

I have expelled a lot of energy recently copying metrics like this, and creating new tables manually which when a user clicks on the original metric, it will take them to another dashboard where they can see all the data they desire, auto filtered to the level they selected - however surely there is an easier way? In previous BI systems, I had the option to export either the summary OR the underlying data based on the visual I had created - please tell me there is a way to do this in Dundas without having to create dashboard after dashboard or multiple visuals.

Thanks as ever

Hi Chris,

Could you provide more insight on what the source of the Metric set is?
If the source is a Data Cube or even a table, you could build a Repeating view(Report or scorecard) that includes the details you want and probably bring in an interaction to the dashboard and configure that to take the end user to your new view which here is your report/scorecard.
This would ensure that you don’t have to alter your original metric set or even create dashboards for every details table that you would need.

Additionally, you could introduce an export button and configure it to export the details as per your preference.

Please refer to the support articles below:

To create repeating views: