Export data to separate Excel or PDF documents based on a dimension

I’m sure this will have to be a scripted solution, if even possible, but to give the general idea:

Looking at sales data grouped by customer, I would like Share | Export | Excel to have the data automatically generate separate excel workbooks (or PDFs) for each customer. I’m looking for anything even similar to this. I’m open to scripting, excel (even just different tabs) or PDFs, dashboard or report, data coming as email attachments… really anything close that would automatically generate documents separated by a dimension. Thanks.

There is the option to script an export. There are examples of it on the support site.
There is also the option to script a filter change. Again, there are examples on the support site.

What I have done before is to write a loop script. It does an export, changes the filter, does another export and so on.

It did take time to go through them all, and the browser did warn about downloading multiple files. Then I tried to gather all the exports in the script and zip them and only download one zip of them all. That worked, but I’m not sure how many exports can stay in browser memory at a time.

So, in short, I’m sure it can be done, and I have in the past done something similar. In the end the client changed their mind …

This was a dashboard. Sounds like reports may be better but I don’t have much experience with them.

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