Export and Import

I have exported a project from my DEV environment and attempted to import into my PROD environment. The whole file structure was copied over however NO files seemed to have copied over. What have I done wrong. When I exported I clicked pretty much everything. The PROD environment is on a completely different server. Any ideas where I can look?

Try doing it in sections.

I make an export for everything User related (groups tokens and what not).
Then I do the projects but I do not get all revisions (doing that causes the file to be huge and take a lot longer).
Final thought is make sure the exported file is on a directly connected drive to the server you are doing the import on (some time a file share latency will make it fail).


In addition to James’s advice, this very well may be a possibility of the export itself not containing any files. If so, make sure that all files you intend to export are checked in prior to exporting. Otherwise, the export will not include those files.

Can you provide more info about what kinds of files are missing after the import?

Thank you all. I have managed to import the file. I think that 2 were checked out and it did cause none of the others to export.

I noticed something similar just now exporting from my dev box to a production server. I wanted to export 3 files, a cube, metric set and dashboard. The export took 12 minutes and created a 500MB file which is the largest export I have seen, I am not sure it really just exported the three files.

When I imported, the first time I think I got a timeout, there was a 500 status, connection closed error. On the second attempt it did import. but the dashboard did not update. The cube and metric set did. The dashboard was not checked out. I was able to re-do my work there to get it in the state I wanted.

@richard.kubina Did it possibly have export related Items or something you did not want?
i found it best to not have the file to be imported on a network drive but on a drive connected to the computer (even if it is a VM and VM drive)

I don’t think so, the report of what was exported looked correct. I left the off the option to include referenced items.

To get the file to the production server I just copied the exported file and pasted it via remote desktop.