Email Notifications sending even when no data

Scheduled notifications seem to send whether there is data fulfilling the parameter values or not. Is there a way to only have the email notifications send if there actually is data? For example, I have a dashboard that has a table and a filter on Order Date. The user can change the Order Date filter as desired to limit the data showing in the table. I would like to be able to set a scheduled notification after setting the Order Date filter to be, say, the “last 7 days”. Currently, if there were no orders in the last 7 days, it is still sending an email with the excel attachment. Is there a way to only make it send when there is actually data in the table (and thus, the excel attachment)?

Hi Kelly,

Right now there is no way to do something like that. But we can add a feature request to handle no data scenarios like this in future.

Ok, thank you for the confirmation that there is no way to do something like this. Yes, please add a feature request. Thank you.

This is a bug - we created a defect (93177) with your name added. We will track this internally, and once it is released, you will get an email.