E-Tabs Advanced Export to PowerPoint Feature (Video)

E-Tabs has created some sleek functionality in the world of exporting. Using Dundas BI, they have created a methodology to export to PowerPoint and have live editable objects as a result! You should see it for yourself; it’s pretty cool.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can reach out to E-Tabs directly via Elie Tamman – e.tamman@e-tabs.com. Also, if the name E-Tabs sounds familiar, you’ve probably run into them through David Glickman, a resident hero here in the forums. Thank you, @david.glickman , for sharing this extraordinary functionality with me, and he’s certainly here to answer questions if you have any.


It sounds interesting, because for now, having only an image exported when exporting the Dashboard as PDF or PowerPoint, is a bit frustrating.

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Amazing work! Well done!

Yes, we got frustrated by clients asking for ‘real’ PowerPoint and not just images.

So we developed this system to receive data and populate templates, and now we can create multi-slide PowerPoints from multiple layers and dashboards, as well as exporting to formatted Excel, and Google Slides and Sheets.

And then we thought that we could help other people with the same frustrations. So we spoke to Jeff (and some of his cats), and now we’re spreading the word here.

Of course with Dundas being so flexible and open, it wasn’t too hard to make it do whatever we needed!


Amazing @david.glickman :clap:

This is excellent!:+1:

Very cool! This has me thinking about potential use cases now.

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Nice feature . Much better than the screenshots which we have today

Thanks for the ideas. This is great