Dundas Responsive Screen issues with different screen sizes


This is an issue regarding Dundas screen visual as it appears on different screens.
If a template grid is defined at 70% and 30% vertically at 1366x768px and the screen resize mode is kept responsive, it works perfectly fine when viewed on a 15 inch laptop. But if viewed on a 17 inch screen or a desktop screen with greater sizes, instead of adapting accordingly, the screen appears as it is half split at 50% each instead.

Please tell if this is a Dundas related issue or how can it be resolved without disturbing the existing settings on the dashboard.

Hi Pranav,
Responsive mode reflows and wraps the individual cells from left to right and then from top to bottom according to the available space on the screen. For your use case, you can try “Resize” mode. In this mode, elements on the dashboard will resize along with the dashboard and the screen or window provided they have been attached to the template grid’s cells. This lets you take advantage of any smart layout or labeling logic that may be built into visualizations.