Dundas Meet The Team - "Meet Lota"

My name is Lotachukwu Chukwu (don’t bite your tongue trying to pronounce it😊) You can just call me Lota. I am a Son, a brother, a friend, a colleague, and I am happy to meet you all.

My fancy title at Dundas is Business Intelligence Solution Architect, but I am essentially a matchmaker. When companies are tired of the lonely existence without Business Intelligence and are seeking software to help fill that void: my job is to demonstrate the beauty of DundasBI to them, ensure Dundas BI is a good fit for their current technical setup, provide help and guidance in building a prototype if need be and if all goes well, the end result is a long and fruitful partnership where we live happily ever after.

I am an Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Windsor( Ontario, Canada). I spent 16 months working as a Business Analyst at a multinational automotive company during my Coop(Internship) term.

My fascination for data was sparked when I witnessed firsthand how paying attention to previously dormant data can transform a company’s operations; during my internship, I fell in love with the process of retrieving data from a database, studying it to find patterns and trends, creating data exploration tools and setting up meetings to implement findings from data.
After graduation, my Dad told me to pivot to the data space, the wonderful people at Dundas gave me an opportunity and here I am.

The world is producing data at an alarming rate, and the demand for extracting actionable insights from said data is increasing as well. I look forward to growing and learning in cloud technologies, machine learning models, exploratory data analysis, data scraping/mining and of course visualizations.
Any organization or individual with an ability to effectively utilize data – from extraction to visualization to insights to action – will be a force to be reckoned with in the business world in the coming years.

My hobbies are People, Community Service, Reading, Ping-Pong( Not to brag or anything, but if you have a ping pong table in your office, I would most likely be the king of the table :tipping_hand_man:t6:)

Again, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. Feel free to say Hi, challenge me to a ping-pong match, offer any advice or resources that would help me grow as a data professional etc. Would love to hear from you.


Nice, thanks for the intro, Lota.

I have an EE degree and automotive experience, too. After college, I went to work for Delphi Automotive, which was once tied to GM but separated back in the late 90s. Nonetheless, I was part of the team that developed GM’s Active Fuel Management, which shuts down a portion of the engine’s cylinders to save fuel during low-load conditions. That was 99-01, and it’s now so prolific that I think everything but diesels use it - even the Vette. Fun projects! But I think data is even more fun :grin:


Lovely introduction Lota! You are such a kind and loving person, and a great colleague, we are lucky to have you in the Dundas family!


Wow, that’s interesting Ken.
Sounds fun, a practical example of some of the things we studied in an Automotive Electronics course.
What inspired the switch to Data Science?

:slight_smile: Aww, thank you Emma. I would blush but my complexion gets in the way. I appreciate your kind words.

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It was a great project. One to be proud of.

Well, I ended up spending 20 years as an educator, both before and after that time at Delphi. I decided it was time for a change for the benefit of both my sanity and my family, so I asked friends what they think I’d be good at. Data science was suggested and when I looked into it, I wondered how I hadn’t considered it earlier! Now I feel like I’m in my [second] element (teaching will always be my #1). And the pay and lifestyle are much better haha!


Thanks for the intro @Lota :slight_smile:

I have had the pleasure of e-meeting you a couple of times and I have seen first hand your excellent skills in demonstrating Dundas and talk about BI.
Everyone in the Dundas family is lucky that you are here!


Welcome Lota. You are a great addition to the Dundas Family!


Have you considered “Stand-Up Comedy” as an alternative career?

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Thanks for the into, Welcome Lota !!!

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Welcome, Lota! Thanks for the wonderful intro!

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Nice to meet you Lota!!!

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:rofl:, Lol I considered becoming a mover after I found out how much they were paid per hour.
But stand-up comedy, no.

Thank you very much Marina

Wow, thank you for your kind words Ole Christian.

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Welcome to the DundasBI team!


Hi Lota! We have a Ping-Pong table in one of our offices. Let’s play!


Thank you very much Nathan

Where is that office located?
If I am ever in the area, I just might take you up on that offer.:slightly_smiling_face:

I am just catching up from 2-months on parental leave. Great to see a spotlight on LOTA!

In all seriousness (hard for me), Lota is a super nice guy, and you’re going to enjoy working with him if you haven’t had a chance yet.

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