Dundas install with Ansible


I have an Ansible script that provisions a Windows instance in AWS and installs miscellaneous Windows packages.

I am getting ready to add installation of Dundas to the script, but getting a bit hung up with what to do with the Dundas setup exe. I have Dundas.BI.Setup. from our account files and I am wondering if that executable has any command line arguments available so we can install it silently/without user interaction on the GUI?

I’ve seen this article:
Deploying Dundas BI instances silently
But I think I need the steps to install the Dundas files from a blank slate from the command line first.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Seems like that setup exe is essentially a zip of the Dundas deployment application that makes you agree to the license terms?

They just had a challenges saying they have Dundas as a service in AWS. not sure if that helps but give you another option.

Wasn’t sure what you meant, but finally found it https://www.dundas.com/Support/learning/documentation/installation/deploying-dundas-bi-on-aws

I’m looking to programmatically install without using the GUI.

But thanks