Dundas Champion of The Month

We’re so excited to kick-start this new segment with @david.glickman! He has been a “Dundas Champion” in truest sense of the term. We’ve grown together over these years! We’re delighted to have him in The Dundas Community. Here’s getting to know him some more.

@tejas.shah (T) Tell us a little about what you do at E-Tabs?
@david.glickman (D): E-Tabs provides reporting services for the market research industry. A company will commission a survey and get thousands of responses. Then they come to us to put it all into a dashboard so they can explore and report it. We clean and process the data and then create an online webpage where they can slice and dice to their heart’s content, and sometimes export to match their offline reports.

T: What is your typical workday like?
D: There is no typical workday! Some days are spent trying to help clients understand what they want, others could be troubleshooting why specific chart is showing a single percentage point off from the expected. Every day brings its own challenges and opportunities. And of course, I always start my day by checking what’s been going on in the Dundas Community and Forums.

T: What advice would you give to your 18 years old self?
D: I’m not sure my 18-year-old self was willing to listen to any advice, especially not from people my age! I’d probably tell him to work hard and stop wasting time, but that would almost certainly be a waste of my current time. On second thoughts, a great advice to give would be to “stock up on industrial quantities face masks, hand gel and toilet paper at the end of 2019.” I could have been a millionaire today!

T: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
D: Good question. I see myself doing more challenging work in the same technological sphere, perhaps leading a bigger team and having streamlined and automated a lot of our current daily tasks. And I would still own my Dundas version 5 Beta t-shirt!

T: Any hobbies or passions you would like to share with The Dundas Community?
D: Taking care of my kids doesn’t leave me much time for hobbies. I like learning about new technologies especially web and programming, and doing code challenges online. On my desk I have 8 Rubiks cubes of differing size and shape that I play with when in long boring meetings. I find it extremely satisfying to solve them and put everything in the correct place.

T: Finally, what’s your favorite feature in Dundas BI?
D: Favourite feature in the software is definitely the customisability. The confidence to be able to say yes to any client request and know that it will somehow be possible is something that I love. My favourite feature in the company is the amazing support as well as the community spirit on the forums. My favourite person at Dundas? Well, that will just have to remain a secret…


Well deserved! David, your contributions are always awesome and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, we appreciate you!

And E-Tabs sounds like a lot of fun. Good thing you have kids to keep you from getting too engrossed in it and working all day and night! :sweat_smile:


Thanks @ken.

I see I’m going to be blushing a lot :blush:


Well deserved. Going to have to start referring to David when difficult problems cross my path!!!


I foresee an infinite loop because I’d refer to @jeff


Congrats on this new honor!

Congrats David! Well done.

Congrats David! Great Job!

Way to go David! Congrats!

Congrats David! They made a great choice as the inaugural Dundas Champion of the Month. You’ve helped many a confused soul get acclimated to the Dundas climate.

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That’s very sweet of you to say so @kelly

Congratulations David! Well deserved!
Kudos to everyone in this community, without you we can’t get where we are now today.

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Very well deserved! I appreciate all of your contributions.

Congratulations David! Great job! :clap:

Congrats :slight_smile: always good to know there are other Dundas BI enthusiasts out there.

Congratulations, David!

Well deserved! It is people like you who make this forum a great resource :clap: