Dundas Champion of The Month - October

Ladies & gents, our Dundas Champion of this month, @luis.silva!

He is one who enthusiastically participates in almost every activity in The Dundas Community and we love that energy! But you know what I like about him more? That he says yes to pineapple on a pizza! :partying_face: :pizza:

Here’s getting to know this handsome person some more!

@tejas.shah (T): Tell us a little about what you do at Medidata.Net?
@luis.silva (L): Medidata.Net is a leader vendor of ERP software for the Portuguese Local Government. We develop and sell software for the governance of a typical Local Government. Our goal is to achieve a place, where all the software needed for the administration and control of this type of institution is sold by us.

(T): What is your typical workday like?
(L): The morning, habitually is dedicated to read and answer emails, get up to date with latest IT news and whenever possible, take a peek at the cube! The afternoon, generally is occupied with developing, in Dundas of course :slightly_smiling_face:, and dealing with any issues from any of our clients.

(T): What advice would you give to your 18 years old self?
(L): From John Keaton (Robin Williams) in the “Dead Poets Society” fabulous movie, this what I would say:

“Carpe, carpe. Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”

“There’s a time for daring and there’s a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.”

(T): Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
(L): Retired, playing golf on a pacific blue water island! :smiley: Oh! If I could, I would! :slight_smile:

If it were not possible, I see myself dealing with data, get some sense out of it!

(T): Any hobbies or passions you would like to share with The Dundas Community?
(L): I love to play golf and I don’t lose any opportunity to get on a golf course for 18 holes! Watch my favorite soccer team, FC Porto. Watch some series and movies on the streaming channels, I particularly love “Ted Lasso” playing on Apple Tv+, it’s a joyful series with a quite good cast and storyline.

(T): Finally, what’s your favorite feature in Dundas BI?
(L): It’s difficult for me just to highlight one favorite feature in Dundas BI as for me there are a bunch of them: data cubes are awesome, the drag and drop way of building almost everything is a must, metric-set for reusability a breeze, templating for responsiveness.


Congrats, @luis.silva! Great choice of quotes!

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Congratulations! Thank you for your contribution to the community.

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Congrat and thank you for your contributions :slight_smile:

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Congratulations Luis, thank you so much for your contributions to the community!
It’s been great to see how Medidata has grown, with the use of Dundas BI :smile: .
Wish you the best of luck on achieving your goal!

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Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Congratulations. :-))

Congratulations Luis! Go FC Benfica :)!

Congratulations, Luis!

Congrats, Luis! Great work!

congrats! what a cool interview!

congratulations Luis, and living in such a beautiful and sunny country, is already a gift, so even if you don’t get to a Pacific island, you’ll still be lucky to stay in Portugal. :sunny:

congratulations Luis!!!

You are the man Bro!!!