Dundas Champion of The Month - December

Ladies and gents, if Ole Christian’s nested data cubes don’t fascinate you enough (which I doubt), his farming tales definitely will! I urge you to DM him about them. Here’s getting to know this data wizard and farmer dad some more:

@tejas.shah (T): Tell us a little about what you do at Noria?
@ole.christian.valstad (O): We at Noria specialize in digital transformation and IT for financial services. We offer banking and insurance solutions to clients in Norway and Northern Europe. At Noria I work in the Business Intelligence team that runs end to end projects for our clients in this domain.

(T): What is your typical workday like?
(O): I’m very privileged that I’m able to spend almost all my professional time building BI solutions. After our morning meeting I always head straight into Dundas BI – building data cubes and/or dashboards for our clients.

(T): What advice would you give to your 18 years old self?
(O): Travel more while you still have the time. Also invest in the stock market early. Hike more mountains, there will be more than enough time for sitting in front of the computer later.

(T): Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
(O): Hopefully, in 5 years I will be very busy building awesome BI solutions on Dundas BI version 14 :blush:

(T): Any hobbies or passions you would like to share with The Dundas Community?
(O): In addition to working at Noria, I’m also a farmer. So, between working, farming and being a dad and husband – there is generally not so much time left chasing hobbies. But if I did have more time, I would gladly spend it on: Reading more books, hiking in the beautiful Norwegian nature, playing board games and scuba diving.

P. S. He grows barley, apples, strawberries, cherries, various other berries and herbs; sometimes squash and stuff too!

(T): Finally, what’s your favorite feature in Dundas BI?
(O): There’s so much you can do with Dundas BI it is hard to pinpoint a couple of features. But the data cube flows you can set up are extremely powerful and flexible. The API is also a must for a lot of the projects we do. I also want to highlight the slicer comparison, with a little bit of creativity you can use it for so much!


No surprise seeing you here, @ole.christian.valstad! Thanks for being a great community member.

Serious question though, would you rather swim in a pool full of Nutella or Maple Syrup?


Admittedly, I’m a bit envious of your lifestyle - raising a family on a farm sounds like fun. And homegrown strawberries are my favorite!

Congratulations! But, :cold_face: , Norway is a bit too close to the northern pole for me to be jealous of your life style. :wink:

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I like Maple Syrup, but I love chocolate so I think I would go for Nutella, or preferably our Norwegian equivalent - Nugatti :slight_smile:
I don’t think I would swim much though, probably just sit there and soak myself :sunglasses:

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Nice work Ole Christian Valstad!

Nice one - sounds like you have a healthy balance between indoor and outdoor activities.

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Congratulations @ole.christian.valstad! Thank you for being a great community member!

I would like to try this… Nugatti :smiley:

Congrats Ole Christian! I am not surprised at all :smile:.

I like the idea to soak in Maple Syrup. Come visit us in spring. We have these Maple Syrup festivals where you can make your own Maple Syrup Taffy on the snow! Hrmmm, so yummy.


Congratulations, @ole.christian.valstad! Nice work!

That sounds like a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Food festivals are the best festivals :laughing:

Congratulations Ole!

Nice work @ole.christian.valstad ! I second @ken, farming in Norway sounds great!

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What a life full of energie Ole! The farmer side of you most certainly gives you some balance! The freedom of the open country and mountains must bring a lot of serenity and peace of mind to yourself:)

By the way, congrats on the “Champion of The Month”!



Congratulations on being the featured champion! I totally agree with your sentiments on travelling more, if only it were cheaper!

Congratulations, Ole Christian!

Congrats Ole Christian Valstad!

Way to bring it home Bro!!!