default branding for non-tenants


Is there an option to brand BI logins for tenants, but to have a separate branding for logins without tentants?

I have created an override css file which works fine for the default, and also one for a tenant which works fine too. However, once I login with url/?tenantID=xxx and get the tenant branding, it stays like that even when I login with the normal url without a tenant id.

How can I login and get the 'default' branding?


Hi David,

Tenant accounts may not always include tenantId=[Guid], but we still want them to get the branding if the override was applied by the previous user. In order to get the non-tenant branding, simply include an empty tenant, tenantId= (without anything after the = sign), with your URL.

Thanks Ravneet that works.

You make a good point about branding persistence on the client side. As developers who are testing different tenant logins all the time and then want to revert to the generic company one, we'll need to remember this trick.