Default Access

Is there a way to totally open access to a group of dashboards to many people at once? I'm getting inconsistent results on my main dashboard with pop ups there that are meant to access other dashboards. It would be ideal to make everything I am working on (under 'My Project') accessible to everyone by default and then make things private as needed.


By default, other people do not have access to anything in My Project. This is your personal project. You can grant users or groups access to dashboards or reports withing this project, but will have to do it one by one.

I think the simplest solution would be to create another project and work there. You can publish everything you have created so far to that project and adjust the security as you see fit, or at least ask the administrator.

Thanks Elia!

The issue I am having is with pop ups within a dashboard that are coming from another dashboard. I can generate links to the main dashboards and to the pop up dashboards that work for everyone. But when they try to access the other dashboards as pop ups through the main dashboard there are error messages. Any thoughts on why this could be happening?

When you generate a link, the access permission is set for just that file. Meaning that the user will not have access to other dashboards by navigating, unless you separately set their permission there.

You can assign the access on the file itself, in which case they should be able to navigate (and use popups). For example, say you want to give everyone access to your My Project:

On the Explore panel, right-click My Project and select Properties.

Click Security, click Add, and select the Everyone group.

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