Decimals removed after passing data through a python analysis transform


Now this might be my lack of python knowledge, but just wondering if anyone know what is going on here.

Before the python analysis transform I have data with a lot of decimal places.

However after passing the data through the python analysis transform I get this:

for illustration purposes my python code is just this:

num = $B010301$

return num

I also checked in a metric set that the decimals are actually removed…

Anyone has any suggestions? :slight_smile:


You can definitely do f-string float formatting by defining the precision value you want to see in your numbers - something like this f’{n:.12f}’ where n represents each of the items in num and 12 the number of decimal places. The new list of formatted numbers can then be returned as a list. Let me know if that works.


Many thanks @upasana - f-string float formatting does the job :slight_smile: