Date Filter Parameter passing on to more than one Dashboard

Hi Everybody,

I am currently working on a project in which a date filter has to be passed from an initial dashboard to every underlying dashboard. The filter function must continue to work on each dashboard and the new value must be passed on to the underlying dashboard. (forward and backward)

I have already tested this by passing on the filter via parameters with the navigate button. However, this is not error-free and the date filter sometimes loses its function.
Does any of you know a solution for this problem?


hi @alexander.reiber The easy way to implement this, is to have all dashboard options available on a master dashboard, and the master dashboard will have view parameter that do parameter mapping and navigation to each dashboard.

Otherwise, it is possible to remember the user’s filter selection with a global variable through the browser’s session storage feature, and later on each time a new dashboard is loaded, check if the global variable’s value and apply it.

With session storage, Dundas BI will store the data locally within the browser, such data can be then retrieved by other dashboards/webpages,

For example, if you want to pass a string “test” it will look like this in the dashboard:

sessionStorage.setItem(“defaultvalue”, “test”);

But in this case, you want to remember the value from a specific filter control, so it will be like:

var value=parameterHierarchy1.control.parameterValue.Values[0];

sessionStorage.setItem(“defaultvalue”, value);

Then in the other dashboards retrieve it back:

var item= sessionStorage.getItem(“defaultvalue”);

Once the value is retrieved, you need to set the view parameter value by script. We have examples here:

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