Date column in SELECT Transform for filter purpose

I want a DateColumn in a DataCube for filter purposes and not to use in visualization.

Hello @vinodhini,

Could you please provide more details about your case?

Hi Vinodhini,
I may have misunderstood your request, but for using a date field as filter only, you just need to link this field to a TimeHierarchy in your Datacube, and to set this field as a Slicer in the corresponding Metric Set, then set the values you want to use for filtering in the definition of the Slicer directly. If you don’t assign whatever filter to this field in the Dashboard, the values you’ve set in the Metric Set will be the ones used by default for filtering.
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Thank you @costin.manea and @romero.olivier for your response. To give more explanation to my case, I am using a SQL Select Transform in datacube and trying to use add parameter to insert Date field into datacube without affecting my calculated element, aggregation and pivot which gives me a process result. So this calculated element is using the date field for its calculation. I want to use this date field in the filter option but not for visualization.

Then what can be done is to create a Single Date/Time Bridge Parameter (set as public) and assign it to your Date parameter in the Datacube, then, in the Dashboard, link a Single Date filter to the Bridge Parameter, this will set the Datacube parameter value to the one set in the Single Date filter on the Dashboard thru the Bridge Parameter.
For more info on the Bridge Parameters please check this page:

Thank you. I will try that out. :slight_smile: