Database Write back - scaling to more columns

Hi there!

I am creating a pretty large form for our end users, with about 21 columns of data, 14 of which will be writeback data into our database.

I’m currently working on the view in SQL, and I’ve never created database write back myself personally, but someone else on our team has, however it will not be nearly as large as this one.

I am just curious what the experience of scaling this up is, and if anyone has run into problems related to having this many fields that can be updated / entered through write back as I’m trying to foresee problems and develop it in as streamlined a way as possible.


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You’re not going to run into any kind of technical issue here re: number of columns. However, depending on the nature of your data, data validation might get a bit tricky, especially if your have inter-dependencies between your columns.

The textbook way to handle this would be to create a stored procedure with all the validation logic inside it. That way, any updates to the same table can call the same SP and be assured of the same treatment.


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This makes sense… Thanks!