Data Visualization Books

Just finished Visualize This, The Flowing Guide to Design, Visualization and Statistics, by Nathan Yau. It was actually pretty interesting. Has anyone else read this?

I haven't read it yet. But I'll take a look at it!

So on this topic, I was wondering if you guys have any good book recommendations on Dashboard Best Practices or some such?

Many thanks!

Information Dashboard Design: The Effective Visual Communication of Data

I think this was mentioned around here a few times, but this book by Stephen Few is a great read for dashboard best practices.

Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten by Stephen Few
Now You See It: Simple Visualization Techniques for Quantitative Analysis by Stephen Few

Great! I will definetly take a look!

I enjoyed How To Measure Anything from Douglas W. Hubbard. It talkes about how to measure Intangibles with a lot of great examples and techniques.

Thanks, Marina! It looks very interesting :) !

Buying this for my staff...