Data type change when using warehoused cube

I am using a data cube that joins two sources: One is a different cube I created for a different purpose, the other is an OData source (REST API). This is relatively easy and works well but takes some time to compute, hence, I am using a warehouse.

But: After creating the warehouse the data in one particular column changes. If not warehoused, the column has floating point values (e.g. “0.01”, etc.) but when I change the storage type to warehouse, it seems to round the values to integers (e.g. “0”, or “1”).

When I go back to storage type “None”, it’s back to floating points but the performance is bad. Not sure what happens there and I don’t know a way to debug this as there is no control on how the warehouse is created as far as I know.

Any ideas on how to debug this?

I am still on version

Hi Markus,

I’m not sure if this will help but could you add a data conversion cube that sets those values to floating point values?

Hope all is well

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Hi Derek,

that worked, thank you.