Data Reload

Hi ,

My dashboard has got 5 locations and when I run the dashboard it brings data for all 5 and then if I filter it brings data for that locations But my requirement is quite complex and I want Dundas to reload the data so it brings the data only for that location. Is there a reload data option while filtering or a script to reload on click of a button? I know its weird but my SQL is designed that way. When I run all the locations it should give a different output and when I run just 1 locations , the output should be different.

For each data visualisation there is the loadData() function.

Thanks for the reply David, Can you throw more light on how to use this or please share any sample scripts if you have.

Sure. I’m not sure if this is the correct route to go down but I don’t know your exact scenario.

On ‘parameter value changed’ interaction of the filter widget, or on click interaction of the button, you can do something like
where each chart and table uses the script name of the object.

Perhaps just reloading the whole page would be easier - but I’m not sure if that fits your use case.