Data Driven Notification

Hello everybody,

i Need to send notification based on timesheet counter to my customer.
Actually the data condition works as expected but send email to all the users and not only to the onces that are in state.
I set up the security parameter directly on data so my expectation is that every single user receive the email only if meet the state criteria, but actually send email anyways showing missing data.

I need help cause i’m a little tired to say that i’m sorry for that inconvenient to my customer without being really able to handle it in ayway, after spending hours trying to fix it.

Thank you very much for your support.

@daniele.soresina Hi Daniele, in the delivery options it is possible to change the list of recipients. However, this list is constant for each notification and will not change based on the state:

Based on your description, you wish the application to dynamically adjust the recipient list based on a data state, there is no feature currently for that. Data driven notification would send out based on data state, it does not adjust the recipient list during runtime.

We have a few options. First of all, if you send an email to our support inbox, we can discuss with the development team, possibly with a feature request or workarounds. We also have a consulting department whom can build custom solutions as a paid service.