Data APIs for IT Support

Hi all! I work in IT support and we’re looking for a way to integrate ManageEngine Service Desk ticket data into Dundas for more effective visualizations. Has anyone tried to connect these two products? Is there an API you would recommend or a process that has worked well for you?

Hi @steffany - In the case of most data storing software, there may be multiple ways to make a data connection. Your best bet for both would be to contact the vendor and ask them how they want you to connect to their systems using a third-party tool like Dundas BI. The reason for this is because there may be a more friendly way to access the data.

I can think of one system (which I won’t name) where if you connect directly via the database, it’s a disaster! The tables are GUIDs, and nothing is clear, but all the numbers are there. If you connect to the same system using an API they provide, everything is clean and easy to use. Ask the vendor for their preference.

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Thanks Jeff! Communication can be an issue for us at times but we’ll definitely reach out to them as well! I know we can access our data from out postgres database but we’re trying to find out most efficient means! I’m hoping we can get something going quickly because we’d love to get this into some helpful visualizations!