Data Analysis Panel

I’m new to Dundas and having a bit of trouble locating the Data Analysis panel as it keeps disappearing from my window and when it is there I’m unable to scroll to see all sections (slicers and columns).
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Gary,

It’s possible I’m misunderstanding your need so please correct me if I’m over simplifying your question…

For every data visualization, there is a corresponding metric set that encapsulates the data that is being visualized and settings that determine what each part of the data is used for by the current visualization.

You can access the Data Analysis Panel either by right-clicking ( Context menu ) on the data visualization or from the Tool Bar.


By the time you are in the Data Analysis Panel, you should be able to scroll and see all the Rows, Measures. etc.


Sounds like you are in a Dashboard and have pulled data directly over to the Dashboard and are using the “disappearing” Data Analysis Panel to make changes to the Metric Set that was auto created when you drooped a data source to your dashboard.

I suggest clicking on the carrot (triangle pointing towards the dashboard) and looking for the Auto created Metric Sets, right click the one you are working on and promote it. then go into the Metric sets folder and edit it from there. in there the Data Analysis Panel does not go away.

I find it much better to always create (and properly name) a Metric Set from a Data Cube, then put that on a Dashboard.
A few advantages are:
Easier to develop it
Reuse (i want a small version here big version here, or even I want it as a line chart here, bar chart here, endless really)

Remember that even though you made it a bar chart, once you put it on a Dashboard you can change it to a line and as long as you do not “Update the Metric Set” you are only changing that copy of it to a bar chart, the original is still a line. This is very handy.